2014 - 

Chang Ching Su

Allergy is a series of reactions caused by the human body when it comes into contact with allergen that have little effect on the general population in the environment. These reactions can be large or small. Most symptoms are not enough to interrupt the pace of life, but in severe cases, they can be fatal. In developing countries, about 20% of people suffer from allergic rhinitis, 6% of people experience food allergies, and nearly 10% of people experience atopic dermatitis at least once in their lifetime.

The "Allergy" series records all kinds of allergic reactions I have experienced in my life. I have gathered all kinds of classic symptoms since I was little, and almost none of them have been spared. When I was a kid, I often heard elders say that symptoms will get well when I become adults. That's right, my body has "turned" and the condition gradually disappears, but the allergy to the society is unstoppable….

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