Chang-Ching “Casper” Su focus conveying freedom through photography and writing. His freedom is a series of cheerful minor scales, resonating with the New Taiwanese Song Movement of the early 2000s. Su’s artistic practices explore “infrathins", a notion coined by Marcel Duchamp, referring to nuanced differences that are difficult to perceive. He believes his Taiwaneseness might only be transmutable through these subtleties. By orchestrating everyday objects, Su engages with challenging social, political, and existential questions. He once advocated for the liberation of Taiwan through metal music, serving as a vocal activist. However, after encountering some Chinese TikTok songs, he has since decided to dedicate his life to the rhythm of Jazz-Funk for the time being, composing his concerns as time-based media within conceptually layered installations.

Chang-Ching “Casper” Su, 2024

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